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Fasten nach Buchinger

What is "Buchinger Fasting"?

Fit through fasting
Gentle drinking cure for weight loss, purification and detoxification. For more vital energy and a healthier, easier life. Ideal also for gout, skin and intestinal diseases.

What is fasting?
Fasting is a strict form of food restriction for weight loss and/or treatment of nutritional metabolic diseases. Fasting is a natural method of preventive medicine. However, it can also help to alleviate or even cure the symptoms of rheumatism, gout, diabetes, skin and intestinal diseases. Those who fast let their "inner doctor" take the lead. And that knows frequently better and more lasting welfare ways than the school medicine, which has to offer for nourishing-conditioned diseases often only tablets against heartburn and short-lived parliamentary allowance. The fasting person follows a comprehensive, holistic path of experience that leads to physical and spiritual cleansing and, in some cases, to a new attitude toward life.

The switch from "nutrition from the outside" to "nutrition from the inside through the body's own food depots" - works as easily as switching from one TV channel to another. Both programs are evolutionary in us and well prepared. Even those who have never fasted can easily fall back on them. The more clearly this switching process is anchored in the consciousness of the fasting person, the easier it will occur.
Fasting - impulse for change
Fasting can lead to greater inner independence and a new freedom of thought and action. It can touch deeper layers of the human being and give confidence in one's own power. Sometimes it can also open a door to spiritual space.
Fasting at the Quellenhof "Buchinger style"

We fast according to the "Buchinger method." This means that for a limited period of time we refrain from food and stimulants while ensuring an abundant supply of fluids in the form of water, tea, vegetable broth and juices. At the beginning of the fasting period, the intestine is thoroughly cleansed by taking Glauber's salt. To keep the circulatory system in good condition during the fast, there are plenty of opportunities for exercise in the beautiful countryside around Bad Bertrich, interspersed with phases of rest and relaxation. Towards the end of the fast, the diet is carefully recomposed and the experiences gained are reflected upon.

Please note:

The fasting courses are led by an experienced fasting instructor. This is a fasting course for healthy people only. If you are on medication regularly, ask your doctor in advance if you are fit enough to fast.

An integral part of our fasting program are our hikes

Genießen Sie unsere Wanderungen

The procedure of fasting cure

On the day of arrival, the obligatory introductory meeting takes place, starting at 4:30 pm and lasting about 2 hours, at the end of which you will be served a minestrone. You can end the evening with a relaxing walk through the therapeutic landscape park of Bad Bertrich.

Monday is dedicated to intestinal cleansing, we perform in our fasting cures with Glauber's salt, a repetition takes place as needed and depends on the length of stay.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, walk with your Lenten coach and landscape mentor, Mike Müllers.
the hikes take place in the beautiful nature around Bad Bertrich.

On Thursdays you will receive a beneficial massage and at 1:30 pm you can participate in the walk organized by the place.

Saturday we foresee for you the visit to the thermal baths in the neighboring Vulkaneifeltherme.

Der Sonntag beginnt für Sie mit dem Fastenbrechen, wir bereiten Ihnen ein kleines Frühstück mit gedünstetem Gemüse und gratiniertem Apfel zu.

Fasting cure content

Das Paket enthält folgende Leistungen:

    Anreisetag immer Sonntags 16:00.   

• Klare frisch gekochte Gemüsebrühen vom Gemüse der Saison
• frisch gepresste Gemüsesäfte, Kräuter- und Fasten Tees
• Stilles Wasser nach Bedarf (Staatl. Fachingen oder Gerolsteiner)  
• Abbau- und Aufbau Tage je nach Kur Dauer
• Darmspülung mit Glaubersalz
• Fastenmappe mit vielen Informationen rund um Ihre Fastenkur und Bad Bertrich
• täglich selbständiger Leberwickel nach Anleitung
• tägliche Heilquellenwasser Trinkkur der Thermalquelle von Bad Bertrich 
• zwei mal pro Woche unsere Infrarot mit Farblichtanwendung
• eine Teilmassage pro Woche während Ihres Aufenthaltes in unserer Wellness Abteilung 
• eine Tageskarte Thermalbaden und Sauna pro Woche
   an den anderen Tagen Vergünstigung durch die Gästekarte (es ist mit Einschränkungen durch Corona zu rechnen)
• Wassergymnastik in der Therme während Ihrer Thermenbesuche derzeit Werktags 9:30 und 13:30,
• mindestens zwei geführte Wanderungen mit dem Landschaftsmentor Mike Müllers
  in der wundervollen Natur rund um Bad Bertrich
• zwei mal pro Woche Yoga mit Shiva sowie kostenlose Nutzung unserer Yogakapelle
• Nutzung unserer Fasten Lounge mit Fitness Bereich Teebar und gemütlichem Sitzbereich, zum lesen entspannen und Spielen
• viele Gespräche in der Runde über das Hauptthema beim Fasten „Essen nach dem Fasten Aufenthalt“ in der Gruppe
• eine geführte Wanderung mit unserem Eifelverein mit vielen Informationen zur Vulkaneifel und Bad Bertrich
• vergünstigte Teilnahme am Aktivprogramm wie geführte Wanderungen o. Besichtigung/Führung im Landschaftstherapeutischen Park
• kostenloses Internet auf allen Zimmern über W-Lan

       Nicht inkludierte Leistungen:
–       Kurtaxe (2,20 EURO/Tag)
–       Parken  je nach Wunsch, auf dem Hotelparkplatz oder auf den Gemeindeparkplätzen, 7/3€ pro Nacht

Our room rates:

NightsRoom typeTotal price
5Superior single room, a double room for single use680,00€
7Superior single room, a double room for single use820,00€
10Superior single room, a double room for single use1180,00€
14Superior single room, a double room for single use1480,00€
21Superior single room, a double room for single use2130,00€
NightsRoom typeTotal price



Superior Doppelzimmer p.P.

Superior Doppelzimmer p.P.



10Superior Doppelzimmer p.P.1165,00€
14Superior Doppelzimmer p.P.1410,00€
21Superior Doppelzimmer p.P.



Nutzen Sie unsere Yoga Kapelle
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