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A few recommendations for the region that we do not want to deprive you of.

Our recommendations for your stay in Bad Bertrich

The Quellenhof team presents you some activities for the region around Bad Bertrich. Of course, we will support you in organizing the desired activities. Feel free to ask our Quellenhof team!

Schnitzelhaus Bad Bertrich

Quality from the Eifel - The Regional Brand Eifel

The regional brand Eifel, with its high-quality products, characterizes the regional awareness of the kitchen of the house. Among the bestsellers are the freshly slaughtered products from the poultry farm Janshen, as well as the cheese from the Gillenfelder Vulkanhof and Ziegenhof, which was highly praised in the "Feinschmecker".

The schnitzels from the Eifel premium pork inspire with their quality and size. The meat is not extra large, it just does not shrink during frying like the supermarket qualities. And you can taste that. It just has to fit.

Family Christoph Kälker
Kurfürstenstrasse 74
D-56864 Bad Bertrich

Phone: 02674 - 412

Vulkan Eifel Therme

Your spa hotel Quellenhof is located 50m away from the Vulkaneifeltherme, the spa is fed by Germany's unique Glauber salt spring of Bad Bertrich. Pleasant water temperatures of 32 ° and 5 saunas provide relaxation and well-being during your stay.
Through your guest card you will receive a bonus on the time rates, use the gastronomy of the spa and spend a wonderful day.


Rambo's garden

A gem of relaxation on the Moselle, not far from Bad Bertrich. Whether by bike or by car.

Bremmer Calmond

one of the steepest vineyards of Europe, to see or move, test the challenging via ferrata 

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